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Graduate Diploma in Health Management

Course Overview

The Graduate Diploma in Health Management is a postgraduate level course that aims to expand on the knowledge and skills developed in the Graduate Certificate to enable the application of theories, evidence, models and frameworks to achieve best practice for the management and leadership challenges commonly faced in healthcare practice.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the leadership capabilities required to manage healthcare delivery and services;
  • Develop effective communication skills to engage teams and enhance collaboration;
  • Apply critical thinking skills to devise best practice, evidence-based solutions to healthcare challenges;
  • Evaluate own and others’ contribution to teamwork using recognised frameworks; and
  • Demonstrate mindfulness of cultural, social and economic diversity and be sensitive to the needs of marginalised population groups, particularly Indigenous Australians.
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  • Career Opportunities

    By completing the Graduate Diploma in Health Management graduates will gain the core knowledge, perspectives, skills and high level cognitive abilities in key areas such as understanding the structure and complexity of the health and social care system, governance, safety and quality in healthcare, leadership and management as well as collaborative practice in healthcare, evidence-based practice, healthcare information and technology management

    Successful completion of the Graduate Diploma in Health Management course prepares you for effective participation in administrative and managerial teams charged with planning and managing the delivery of health and social care services in a variety of fields, such as hospitals and community health centres, private clinics, aged care services, health planning and administration or quality assurance in government agencies, aid services and so on.

  • Course Delivery

    Course delivery will be offered in a blended mode to provide maximum flexibility for students. CHS utilises Canvas LMS to deliver technology enhanced learning experiences and also to enable self- directed collaboration and engagement for students. By thoughtfully integrating face-to-face with online learning experiences, the blended learning experience combines the strengths of both modes to foster a community of inquiry approach while at the same time encouraging independent learning.

    Remote learning option is available to domestic students, particularly those who are remotely located, including indigenous students. Also in emergency cases such as the COVID-19 pandemic the College will offer the remote learning option to international students until the emergency situation is resolved and international students can return to their classes safely.

  • Course Structure

    Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 48 credit points by completing all of the following units:

    Unit Code Unit Title Study Period Credit Points Study Load each week (12 weeks)
    HM001 The Australian Healthcare System: Contemporary Challenges Trimester 1 8 Classroom: 4Hrs
    Self-Directed: 8Hrs
    HM002 Governance, Safety & Quality in Healthcare Trimester 1 8 Classroom: 4Hrs
    Self-Directed: 8Hrs
    HM003 Leadership & Management in Healthcare Trimester 1 8 Classroom: 4Hrs
    Self-Directed: 8Hrs
    HM004 Evidence Based Practice in Healthcare Trimester 2 8 Classroom: 4Hrs
    Self-Directed: 8Hrs
    HM005 Information Management & Technology in Healthcare Trimester 2 8 Classroom: 4Hrs
    Self-Directed: 8Hrs
    HM006 Leadership & Collaborative Practice Trimester 2 8 Classroom: 4Hrs
    Self-Directed: 8Hrs
    Completion of Degree 48 Credit Points Total Study Hours: 864Hrs
  • Admission Requirements

    Admission to the Graduate Diploma in Health management is based on the following requirements:

    • Recognised Bachelor Degree (AQF 7) or an equivalent, or higher qualification in a health-related discipline(see list below) OR
    • Successfully completed a Graduate Certificate or a Graduate Diploma (AQF 8), in a health-related discipline.

    Alternate Entry Requirements

    1. Academic Requirements

    Recognised Bachelor Degree (AQF 7) or an equivalent, or higher that is not in a health-related discipline
    Successfully completed a Graduate Certificate (AQF 8), in a health-related discipline.

    2. Work Experience

    Have a minimum of 2 years of full-time work or equivalent part-time experience in a health-related field(s). The relevant work experience must be demonstrated through a CV and a Statement of Service, confirming the dates of employment and the position held within the organisation.

    Special Entry Requirements

    Indigenous students, students from low-socioeconomic backgrounds and students with disabilities who apply to CHS will have their applications individually assessed by the Dean. Successful applicants will be provided with ongoing support to meet their specific learning needs. CHS will review Alternate and Special Entry applications to ensure that students admitted to the course have appropriate levels of experience.

    Diploma Qualifications commensurate with the requirements of an AQF Level 6 course and have reasonable prospects of academic success.

    List of relevant health contexts: Health administration, environmental health, allied health, health information management, medicine, dentistry, nursing, psychology, clinical, research and biomedical health, human biological sciences, forensic, food and pharmacology sciences, welfare aged care, behavioural science, sport and recreation disciplines, public health, epidemiology, medical technology (Medical Lab Technologists), biomedical engineering, biomedical sciences, human physiology, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, paramedicine, physiotherapy, speech pathology and chiropractic disciplines.

  • English Language Requirements

    Applicants with international qualifications not delivered in English must demonstrate English equivalency as follows (subject to verification – refer to table below):

    a. Academic IELTS: 6.5 or higher overall with a minimum writing and speaking score of 6.0; or
    b. IBT (Internet-based TOEFL) overall score of 79 with a writing section minimum of 21 and speaking 18; or
    c. Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): Overall score 180, writing and speaking 180; or
    d. Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE): Overall 176 with writing and speaking minimum score of 169; or
    e. PTE Academic Module with a minimum score of 58 with a writing and speaking section minimum of 50.
    f. English For Academic Purposes Level 2 (EAP 2): Upper Intermediate ‘A’ grade or higher with IELTS 6.5 requirement.

    Where there is any doubt about an applicant’s ability to successfully undertake the course, then the applicant will be interviewed by the Course Coordinator before a final decision on the admission of the applicant is made. The Course Coordinator may request additional evidence relating to English language proficiency (including in work or scholarly context). During these interviews, specific consideration will be given to the recruitment and admission of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prospective students.

    Conditional Offers on Satisfying English Language Requirements

    Applicants who do not meet CHS’s English proficiency requirements can be made a conditional letter of offer with a requirement to complete an approved intensive English language course and meet the required standard prior to commencing their CHS award course. The duration of the English language course varies, typically from 4 to 20 weeks. The required duration of study is dependent on the applicant’s prior achieved English language proficiency as identified in their scores in approved English language courses completed within the past 24 months (refer to the table below).

    Course Level IELTS Overall IELTS Bands – S, L, R, W EAP 1 (weeks) EAP 2 (weeks)
    AQF Level 9 Master/ 6.5M none less than 6
    less than 6 12
    6 none less than 6 12
    AQF 8 Grad Cert/ Grad Dip less than 6 6 12
    5.5 none less than 5.5 6 12
    less than 5.5 12 12
    5 less than 5 12 12
    less than 5 12 12
    4.5 none less than 4.5 12 12
    less than 4.5 12 12
  • Schedule of Fees 2022

    Schedule of Fees 2022

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International Students

Visa requirement: To obtain a student visa to study in Australia, international students must enrol full time and on campus. Australian student visa regulations also require international students studying on student visas to complete the course within the standard full-time duration. Students can extend their courses only in exceptional circumstances.

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