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Each one of our 1000+ agents are hand-picked and undergo periodic audits to ensure they adhere to CHS’s strict quality control standards.

CHS Agent Representatives

College of Health and Sciences has a policy of working closely with our Agent Representatives/Education Agents.

For further information, please visit our current CHS Agent Network

Selection Criteria

Agents must be reputable organisations and agree to abide by the College Code of Conduct. In addition to the traditional education consultants, CHS is happy to appoint professional associations, industry bodies and other reputable organisations as an Education Agent.

Role of an Agent

Agents assist the College to recruit students in their locality or in Australia to study one of the courses CHS offers at the CHS campus in Sydney or Brisbane. Agents assist students to apply for an Australian Student Visa for the purposes of living in Sydney or Brisbane and to complete their course as per the conditions included in their respective visa and other legal requirements.

Agents may also introduce corporate clients to the College and receive a commission. Such clients normally need a specific (tailored) service (e.g. assessment, training and certification of their respective project managers and executives).

Benefits of partnering with CHS

CHS is committed to working very closely with all its education agents to ensure ethical, professional and friendly services are delivered to students. As a leading-edge college, we provide personal attention and place due emphasis on working collaboratively to our mutual benefit. CHS offers a generous commission structure.

CHS has experienced marketing staff to respond promptly to requests received from agents. In most cases CHS will be able to make an offer to an eligible student within 48 hours (subject to meeting the relevant admission criteria and submitting all the required supporting documents). Agents input students’ particulars into CHS’s Student Management System (SMS) online for admission consideration. They will be able to track progress of each applicant online.

CHS has invested heavily in developing an informative and friendly website including brochures and pamphlets of our courses. We will provide all the necessary marketing support to agents in a timely manner. We view our agents as our front office in their respective locations. To learn more about how to become a CHS education agent, Get in touch with us today.

To learn more about our courses, please visit CHS Courses

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