Inclusion – ECA College of Heath Sciences – CHS


  • Vision and Mission

    The ECA College of Health Sciences will be a thriving private higher education provider with capabilities to respond to the aspirations of a range of students, academics, employers and other stakeholders in the region, delivering high-quality education programs that prepare students for enhanced professional practise and leadership in their field while engendering lifelong learning and strong ethics.
    To this aim CHS will be seen as a vibrant and leading institution with:

    • An effective governance and management system
    • A highly well regarded and committed academic staff with a focus on scholarship
    • Capability to facilitate the beneficial application of knowledge
    • A large, talented capable and well-supported student body
    • A strong and well-defined academic partnership
    • A competitive course portfolio, meeting the aspirations of the student community globally while also responding to the critical shortages faced by the health sector
    • An effective, flexible and global academic delivery system, providing multiple study choices
    • A robust financial model
    • An excellent student administrative system meeting customer expectations in the digital era
    • A strong marketing and communication network
    • Modern and student-friendly campuses, infrastructure, tools and support services

    CHS will design, develop and offer quality courses meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) fully.