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Ana Carvalho Silva

Dr Ana Carvalho Silva

Lecturer in Health Management

Dr Ana Paula Carvalho-e-Silva graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2008 from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, where she specialised in Trauma and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation (2010). She obtained a master’s by Research degree (Sciences of Rehabilitation) in 2014, where she gained the opportunity to teach musculoskeletal health units to final-year physiotherapy students. Whilst living in Brazil, Ana worked as a physiotherapist in private clinics and public services and was part of a multidisciplinary team in a program developed by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, which delivered primary care for patients with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. Concurrently, she also lectured in an anatomic radiology college course in Brazil.

Before moving to Australia, she was the Director of the physiotherapy department for a custom orthopaedic insoles company. In addition to being responsible for designing customised insoles in 3D software, Carvalho-e-Silva’s academic and clinical experience allowed her to act as a critical liaison between the information technology and engineering departments to ensure the production of high-quality orthopaedic insoles. She also implemented and delivered weekly workshops for physiotherapists within the company.

Dr Ana Paula Carvalho-e-Silva obtained her PhD in Health Sciences in 2019 from The University of Sydney, receiving a prestigious international academic scholarship. Her research focused on the relationship between physical activity and type 2 diabetes with musculoskeletal pain using a large cohort database. Since then, she has worked as a Clinical Trial Coordinator in an implementation research project and as a causal tutor for a course in Systematic Review methodology at the University of Sydney. Carvalho-e-Silva is also a co-author of a World Health Organization-commissioned review of physical activity programs. and services for older adults. She has a track record of 28 peer-reviewed papers.

As an early career researcher, she has an index (10) of 19 and more than 870 citations. Her research involves longitudinal studies, clinical trials and systematic reviews, primarily focusing on musculoskeletal pain (specialising in spinal pain) and physical activity. Carvalho-e-Silva is passionate about working with large databases, a skill developed during her postgraduate studies where she managed, collected, and analysed large amounts of data collected from Australian twins from >500,000 participants from the United Kingdom (UK) Biobank. She works part-time as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research at the University of Sydney, developing a clinical guideline for whiplash conditions and an online learning module for healthcare professionals to treat patients with whiplash navigator disorders.
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